Official Zoie Zombie

Come closer my child and look though my eyes of the tragic tales and adventures of Zoie Zombie. I'm a local alternative model in Baltimore,I blog when I'm not busy (I do have a life you know). I like a lot of different things most people find morbid but oh fucking well I don't do things to go with the crowd.I also make things,and I have a addiction to cupcakes (not really i just love them too much) oh and bunnies. I'm a very honest person and Im in a loving relationship with Izzy Ugenfallen.

"She burned me down, down to the ground.She burned me down down to the ground…Every time I see her start a fire, I get higher. EVERY TIME I see her start a fire I get higher."

The other day on my travels.

Todays adventures

As I walk through the valley of death I have no fear.

Bracelets I’ve made to trade at big dub.

Bunny and chinchilla adventures

Roommate adventures

Art scape this year

Presents I’ve received from vibe fest.

Ahhhh its the fricking weekend